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tv   Headline News  RT  July 21, 2014 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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there's a reason they don't want it in. now let's break the set . resistance leaders in east ukraine say they're waiting for international experts to leave kiev and examine the bodies of the victims of the malaysian airliner crash in the meantime c.e. observers are already at the scene say local authorities are providing full access . president putin says the tragedy should not be politicized he's calling on all groups involved in the ukrainian conflict not to obstruct the investigation and to ensure the safety of all involved in the probe. and the israeli bombardment of hamas targets in gaza continues despite both sides suffering the bloodiest day since the start of the conflict.
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the worldwide headlines live from moscow international with me rule resewn thank you for joining us today the self-proclaimed wealth already is in ukraine. urging international experts to begin examining the bodies of two hundred ninety eight victims of the malaysian airliner crash there has been condemnation in the west over the efficiency of the recovery operations investigators sent to the country still have not left kiev even though a c e observers who are already at the crash site say local authorities are offering full cooperation reporting for. the plane had crashed already a few days ago and the bodies of the victims had been lying out there in the field
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for at least three days before recovery efforts by the self-proclaimed donetsk people's republic militia began and they said that they did it purely out of for moral responsibility to the families of the victims of the crash because we find ourselves in a thirty degree heat so the bodies had already began to decompose plus there's also danger present from the wild animals in the surrounding area as well because the plane did crash in a rural area so far at least two hundred bodies had been recovered so they were taken to the nearby city so red they've been placed in that three railway refrigerator cars the temperature there is said to be about set from a zero to minus five. now they always see a mission of war and wanted to and this is a situation here they said that's. still out there in the open they had not been
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recovered and the most recent finding is the part of the cockpits including thirty seven additional bodies that they probably think belong to the cockpit crew meanwhile the investigation still cannot begin as international experts latest information suggests that they are from malaysia from the netherlands and from the united states of america they are still in kiev which is some seven hundred kilometers away but they still can't get here apparently saying that. they have a restricted access to the area but always see observers who are currently on side are saying that this is simply not true they also added that the international experts who are currently in kiev have been all been in contact with authorities of the self-proclaimed people's republic and saying that they have full access to the . area of the crash sites we covered a wider area we visited
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a site that we hadn't visited before. we had fairly good perimeter security. and you know there they did seem to provide us with a kind of ring of security to allow us to to do the monitoring that we have to do and so there are also questions asked where there are black boxes all the flight m.h. seventeen have been found so the leader of the self-proclaimed people's republic of donetsk said that technical elements resembling black boxes had been discovered at the sites and said these technical elements had now been taken to the city of donetsk and they are now on their guard and he said here all. somebody sam bring the word this evidence so they will be kept under guard until international experts do get here and to go elements will only be be given to those international experts that is once they arrive from kiev. and russia's president said the tragedy should not be politicized within a question of a now listen to what vladimir putin had to say. well speaking about the situation
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treasures a russian president vladimir putin said that it is unnecessary to everything it takes to provide for security for those international action now working at the scene of the plane crash. it's important that all the people who are countable for the situation in this region of ukraine are more responsible for their own citizens and people of those countries who suffered as a result of the tragedy we need to do everything we can to provide security for international experts who will be looking at the size of the accident. meanwhile the president also added that russia will do everything it takes to turn this conflict in the eastern ukraine from a military one and to the face of peaceful negotiations moreover the president to add is that no one has the right to use this treasured save for achieving some selfish political goals. such events should unite people not
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separate them no one has any right to use this tragedy for any kind of selfish politicized interest. president putin hasn't blamed any of the pretty soon involved for the crash like some of his counterparts have done exactly that however he added the crash could have been avoided if military action hadn't been resumed. ardo these are just several of the damning headlines that have appeared in schools of publications all across europe of course following the downing of the m h one seven airliner they've been feeding a feeling of anger all across europe germany france and britain have threatened moscow with sanctions as soon as choose day if international investigators are not given full access to the crash site peter all of our reporting from a country that suffered the most. european reactions to the downing of the malaysian airlines flight to eastern ukraine have started to change from initial shock people are now calling for immediate and real action to be taken here in the
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netherlands where almost two hundred people among those who died came from the foreign minister of france timmons is said that people are angry and fieri is that what they see is a lack of progress being made regarding an investigation he will be announcing later on in a press briefing what he gained from a recent trip to ukraine will be bringing you that of course as soon as we get it right here from the hague in the united kingdom where the foreign secretary philip hammond has said that his country are willing to push ahead with more sanctions against russia even if it was to harm the british economy by restricting the flow of russian cash into the city of london the british prime minister david cameron said he's in agreement with french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel that further sanctions must be discussed the german chancellor though held a phone conversation over the weekend with president vladimir putin and which both parties said that an international investigation is a must and it must get to underway very soon from the hake peter all over r.t.
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and even before international experts reach to the crash site washington accused antigovernment forces in eastern ukraine of shooting down the plane the un bera fired claims were summed up in a post on the website of the us embassy in moscow and russia has been accused of supplying heavy weapons to eastern ukraine allegations moscow strongly denies and has demanded proof of the u.s. claims it detected a missile launched from opposition held territory shortly before the plane went down but the ukrainian military was also within striking distance washington cites communications allegedly intercepted between the ukrainian opposition but there's no independent confirmation that they are authentic. in one recording of the ukrainian opposition allegedly confessed to shooting down the plane the tape has been examined by a leading company which helps moscow police decide how authentic recordings are is what one of the experts had to say. and if it's being presented as
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one on it it said recorded in reality the sort of file was compiled out of several fragments in the time inconsistent part where it's being said the plane was downed by cossacks these markers reveal that one fragment was recorded at sixteen thirty three and that the second fragment which comes right afterwards was recorded at seventeen fifteen. now this is footage from kiev allegedly showing a book surface to air missile launcher with one of its rockets missing kiev and washington claim the video was shot in an opposition held area of eastern ukraine. this is footage that i should say excuse me us there are some ukrainian locals in that region who have come to their own decision about what these pictures actually mean for example on the bring up of twitter here from some of the locals there ultimately saying of well pointing to it and questioning it now this is apparently located in the town of cross in automates that area has actually been under the
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control of the ukrainian military since may and the town is about one hundred kilometers from where the malaysian airliner came down and we spoke to one former white house official who actually doubts the u.s. version of events. hysteria cheeriest that there would be a beauty you know all new to before the information reaches jericho or washington. and since the video has been discredited by experts the implication is that this was something done intentionally in order to train russia the so-called separatists do not hare those expensive systems and do not have the training to operate and we also know that the separatists have no incentive to shoot down an airliner so they have nothing to gain from it there's no end to the bobbins in areas close to the mh seventeen crash site in
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eastern ukraine where troops and anti-government forces are fighting for every inch of land but i'll correspondent went to one russian hospital near the ukraine border and found but not everyone is actually taking sides yesterday they were firing guns at each other in ukraine today they wake up in the same hospital in russia. but they were the last people expected to see that which is the ukrainian soldier who just about it was a bit of a muddle budget but people still trying to get them as kindly as possible of wealth of ukrainian soldiers who brought to this small hospital last week after being wounded near the border with russia their commanding officers decided it was easier to move them across the border to peaceful area not involved in the fighting than seek medical help to graner especially when it was critically injured their transfer back to ukraine after treatment is being worked out but some already say they're willing to go back to battle a combination of. back of cool active military g.t.
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if your country needs you you have to go. literally next door to them is a member of the guns because self-defense troops he's also being treated for battle wounds here's what he thinks about the can you know army. they pick guys from regions that haven't risen up like donetsk or lugansk they tell them they're going on mandatory army duty but they end up in a war i feel sound for every one of. the doctors here are not only doing their usual jobs but also plain diplomats. mediately said guys or you know maybe you think of us as enemies but we don't think of you know the same way we live in one country not too long ago i'm surprised that not a single one of them was from western ukraine everyone is from your are regional. in some cases diplomatic efforts aren't needed when soldiers themselves don't want to fight and then you have to talk and there i wouldn't want to go i don't know who we're fighting and i have no animosity towards russians i'm of nationalists i'm not
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right six of them should be right to they have to make us fight i was mobilized i receive wounds to my hands and i have to go and fight again with cardboard equipment they reuse old ammunition to make money off us the country is falling apart but for them everything's fine here it's all so confusing who's fighting who and how are you and what for is unclear who are the separatists what do they look like we don't know the situation may seem a paradox after ukraine and western officials spared no effort in trying to paint russia as a hostile aggressor but doctors in this small rural hospital believe theirs is simply an exercise in humanity it in. southern russia. just a moment out international a very short break then we're back with a very latest updates from war stricken gaza. i.
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told him a language of what i will only react to situations i have read to me points to i'm not in a position to know i will be next mistake to comment on your latter point of the month to say it's six am because i'm not talking now as i. think you know more weasel words. when you vain a direct question be prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for a bad. freedom of speech and little down differences cost. dramas the chance be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the walls lights never.
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old picture of today's news. on demand from around the globe. local. t.v. . in fish farms waters beyond the pond to me because. i saw it spread all over norway is the most toxic food you have in the whole. process drowns out in the tissue inquiry furthermore tells restrictions. really knows what's inside the feeling of fish. odd. the stories we cover here not going here in iraq other big story. there's
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a reason they don't want to. point. out now let's break the set. it's monday morning here in moscow thank you for joining us on r.t. international israeli tanks have again been shelling militant targets in gaza early this morning following the bloodiest day so far for both sides over one hundred palestinians were killed in the shelling of the district on sunday the residents and family had to escape through streets strewn with bodies and rubble. well. it was.
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his royal also suffered its worst losses with thirteen of its soldiers died on sunday two of the i.d.f. troops killed by hamas and recent fighting were americans and prime minister netanyahu valid to continue operations quote as much as needed despite the casualties the total death toll among the palestinians now almost five hundred a humanitarian truce did last less than one hour both sides blaming each other for violating. in the meantime there have been street celebrations in the west bank city of ramallah they followed reports that the armed wing of hamas had kidnapped an israeli soldier the brigade says he was abducted a day ago during an ambush in the east of gaza but israel has denied the claims. now a correspondent sent a video from the heart of the conflict it contains some images you may find distressing. and what we do know. from we're going to move but.
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you're not. the only aluminum on this footage apparently showed out right there among the ruins of a destroyed residential building thought he was the target of government gunfire appears to be hit by a bullet while lying stretched out on the ground harry fear talked to a witness of the event. a group of international solidarity activists and two palestinians were making a trip into the east. very close to the border with israel this was at a time when there was a hoax. on israel's operations in the area there were two palestinians the. activists which shot the video the images that you just saw and that was enough a young man we believe approximately eighteen or nineteen years old the one of the pictured in the imagery which shows him who was fatally wounded and dying in front of these international solidarity activists this young gentleman wished to take
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these activist to this area in order to help evacuate his family which she believed was caught up and had been pinned down essentially for hours in this extraordinary dangerous neighborhood i'm joined now by a human rights activist and witness. can you tell us exactly what you saw with respect to the death of this young man. with respect to the death all together there were full shots fired the first one missed him but remained it three were aimed to him the second one was fatal. which caused him to fall down and on the ground and the third one was i guess for them to make sure that they had got him basically do you have any reason to believe he was caught up in minutes and turning to no not at all i mean he was as far as we are aware he was looking for his family he was frantic he was the guy he was leading the way he was on the floor and he
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knew the area of the interview we would want to do is find is that many resulted in his death there was supposed to be a cease fire as well however as we said into the region there was bombing nearby there was shelling nearby and snipers shooting yes indeed so that some of the detail of this incident on show killing this young gentleman this afternoon. very fair right now earlier an israeli defense force spokesperson told my colleague you know neal they're doing all they can to protect civilians. and the hamas minister of the interior specifically instructed the civilian population in gaza not to. leave their homes not to leave the instructions not to follow the instructions of the military provided what you knew these innocent people were in their homes and yet you still decided to strike was not your decision we provided as much warning as we could and at the end we had to attack certain targets that are resulting in the terrorists ation of our entire public and one of the latest attacks really
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military the shelves with spray are thousands of tiny and potentially lethal metal darts we've seen that some rules of humanitarian law render their use in the gaza strip illegal as an imprecise weapon is more likely to result in civilian injuries which of course we have seen in spades why do you ignore international law in this case you can say with full confidence and with full sincerity that any weapon that is being used by the i.d.f. is done so in line with international law and we're seeing hospitals schools media offices essentially sick people children and the ordinary working man and woman being hit in these places you know overwhelmingly why is this they're not being targeted and the reason the reason that they are not leaving and following the instructions that we are giving them is because hamas finds it in its assets to leave them in these areas. now the un security council has called for an immediate cease fire in gaza u.s. secretary of state john kerry is also due in egypt to support regional efforts to
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reach a solution my colleague shawn thomas discussed the trip with former cia officer dr charles cogan. it is not going to be peace as long as netanyahu is trying minister he doesn't want it and with all the efforts of kerry which were ideological it was netanyahu who broke the talks off after israel refused to release the finer trunks of kindness to an englishman is back in april john kerry the u.s. secretary of state was recently caught off mike talking about the israeli tactics in gaza let's listen in to what he had to say it's a hell of a pinpoint operation it's a hell of a pinpoint operation. it really. underscores first we've got to get over there. i think we have to go to night i think it's crazy to cigarette can we expect that to turn into some type of a concrete action it's very difficult because these neighborhood neighborhoods are very crowded and there are launching sites within the neighborhoods there are stray
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actions that go wrong like the chilling of the four. teenagers all youths on the beach last wednesday but i think the the i.d.f. does make an effort they send out warnings but it's a very very messy situation and and so it must stop by and maybe maybe kerry can do something it's way out of hand and is kerry seems quite accurate the head of the pinpoint operation to some of the international headlines in brief for you now let's get into the world update will start with hundreds who gathered outside the b.b.c. broadcasting house in belfast according the as you say it's accusing the corporation of pro israeli bias in covering the conflict the protesters were lighting candles and they held a minute of silence for the victims of the military come. a petition criticizing the b.b.c.'s reporting on the issue collected forty five thousand signatures.
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rival libyan militias are battling for control of the capital's international. the five people reportedly killed in the latest attack civilians among them missiles and rockets have been used during fighting for the airport which has been ongoing now for a week and militias are made up of mostly former rebels country was thrown into chaos and anarchy since the ousting of the. now three years. and unidentified gunmen ambushed two buses carrying the ruling party supporters in nicaragua at least five people killed twenty injured in the attacks and the victims were returning from celebrations marking the anniversary of the sandinista revolution that brought us back dictatorship thirty five years ago. this plucky projection only decorated the walls of the u.s. embassy in berlin for about five minutes was easily enough to cause an online sensation. all the details. right now. also
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believe. children as young as ten to be officially employed. south american nation is essentially legalized child labor and learn about it. thanks for joining us here on r.t. international just a moment a special report on the black gold rush. in the u.k. and here. in florida the debate over whether illegal immigrants should be able to get driver's licenses is heating up one group called the living with angels says that they should be allowed. behind the wheel to support this view they use a classic argument that comes up a lot in the media they see that not a lot of people for it are legal so if you're not legal you can have
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a driver's license what's with that this is like when people say well we should legalize drugs because people use them anyway or we should legalize prostitution because people will do it anyway so such i think they mean it's everyone comes here illegally anyways we may as well let them drive so if enough people do something we currently consider illegal does that make it ok maybe sometimes but in the case of illegal immigration rolling out the red carpet for people to come to a nation illegally just empowers more people to come and it certainly spits in the face of locals and legal immigrants who do obey the rules of bureaucracy so here i would say no driver's licenses for illegals in florida yeah there might be millions of them in the usa but that doesn't justify society bending over to make their lives comfortable if you want to drive in america be born american or become one the legal way but that's just my opinion. war without end with no pre-determined exit strategy is the most recent invasion of
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gaza could last for months the humanitarian catastrophe for the palestinians is incalculable how this enhanced israel security is unclear. my granddaughter has told me how we could have. were coming at them i didn't understand. what he would attack and that move. imo. i'm sure before you go. in my life when i travel by board or by. your. black. mega billiard up. dollars every day. if you ever watched a nuclear. that you would if you combine that with through there. you turn re you
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know and i'm. beautiful that miami. larson's land was once vast northern forest it is now become the biggest industrial project in the world the extraction of oil sands in canada. trees have been replaced with giant chimneys. oversized machines and scraped this browned land overflowing with beecham and an extremely polluting oil derivative. it's the last giant rush for black gold on a global scale. and the oil companies have come together here in the state of. the sandman's eldorado. us and is a very interesting story because it has been there for ages that resource is so large today it represents the amount that can be recovered both economically as well as technically so with the right technology one hundred seventy three one
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hundred sixty nine just counting the oil sands billion barrels so that hundred sixty nine billion barrels makes it the third largest resource of oil anywhere in the world third only after saudi arabia and venezuela that's just over one hundred years worth of reserve and so therefore it is a very large very attractive and now very globally recognized source of oil for the world into the future. oil doesn't mean the end of oil is essentially referring to the fact that the world's cheapest and best petroleum deposits have been mined out and now we're on to unconventional resources so now we are mining stuff that costs more we are mining stuff that has a higher environmental footprint we have to use more energy to get this energy and that's what peak oil is really all about it's simply saying look we've run out of the cheap stuff now we're getting the dirty stuff.


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